We get a LOT of media love!

We made the KISA list of recommended things to do in Atlanta, 12/10/12

Nice mention in this Atlanta Parent Online article about the need for “Girlfriend time.” Couldn’t agree more! 8/30/12

The Atlanta Restaurant Blog explains Jason’s approach to Coffee 101, 8/16/12

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says you should check out what’s in your own backyard with us, 8/10/12

The Atlanta blog Eat Drink Repeat focuses on local Atlanta food and drink. They reviewed our Coffee 101, 8/2/12

Our first Yelp review is five stars! 7/22/12

The Bluebird Patch sampled Downtown Decatur with us, 7/12/12.

The Cherokee Ledger-News came along on our Woodstock tour  to chronicle the “mixture of downtown Woodstock’s vibrant culinary scene and history by foot,” 6/19/12

Bluebird Patch ATL’s blog, First Look: Exploring Town Brookhaven with Atlanta Culinary Tours, 6/6/12

Deirdre’s has been on 6 of our tours (so far) and she wrote about it in her blog, beginningfoodie, 6/6/12

Single in Atlanta loved our first Town Brookhaven tour, 6/5/12

11Alive helps us promote the new Brookhaven tour, 5/30/12

Georgia Made Georgia Grown, went on our first Woodstock tour and published this flattering review, 5/12

Atlanta Restaurant Blog loved our brand new Roswell tour, 5/10/12

Our first tour of Woodstock was a big hit for Something Like That, Designs & Food blog, 4/26/12

The Bluebird Patch and writes about our new Woodstock Wednesday tour, and Atlanta Events gives away tickets! 4/20/12

Our Roswell Tour is the top story on Patch Roswell, 4/18/12

Single in Atlanta gives away 2 tickets to our new Woodstock Wednesdays tour, 4/16/12

DrPrincessJulia came with us for our first Roswell tour4/16/12

Digital Corn Flake loved our April 2012 Roswell Tour.

Here’s a “taste” of the Historic Roswell tour. Examiner, 4/15/12

We are in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Dining Out section,  announcing our Historic Roswell and Downtown Decatur tours, 4/13/12

11Alive promotes our new Woodstock Wednesday’s Tour4/13/12

Eater tells the world about our new tours and tour dates, 4/12/12

CNN says you should take a culinary tour, and Beth tells you why. March 2012

Digital Corn Flake came on our March 2012 tour of Inman Park and had a great time.

CNN decided to join us at Sweet Auburn Curb Market in March 2012

The guests on our tours like to blog about their experience. Digital Corn Flake [dot] com went on our February 2012 tour.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market tour, sold out through Scoutmob in about 4 hours, 1/26/12

Scoutmob sells out our original tour, Inman Park & the Old Fourth Ward, in under 4 hours, 1/19/12

Historic Downtown Norcross is the Scoutmob Handpicked deal, 1/12/12 (sold out in one day!)

Scoutmob’s Handpicked Deal takes you to China with Atlanta Culinary Tours, 12/27/11 (sold out in less than 10 hours)

Atlanta Restaurant Blog Historic Downtown Norcross tour, 11/14/2011

Brew coffee like the pros AJC Food & More Blog – Jenny Turknett, Coffee Tour, 8/30/2011

Atlanta Culinary Tours + Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta Roastery= Fun Learning.
Musings of a Coffee Ragamuffin,

Scenes from the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, A Cook and Her Books, 8/3/2011

Atlanta Culinary Tours 辦美食文化之旅 World Journal, Sichuan at the Chinatown Mall, 4/16/2011 (No, I can’t read it either)

Sichuan is not just heat. Examiner.com 3/20/11

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